Wilson and Blackett's monumental workReprinted due to popular demand

A strange thing happened when the German Hanoverians were placed on the Throne of England.  The British history that had been accepted and written about for centuries began to be replaced by a “Germanic” version of events.

The English people were persuaded to forget their British roots and instead become Germanic “Anglo-Saxons”.  The Welsh, Scottish and Irish were also to lose their glorious pasts and be told that they came from primitive “Celtic” tribes.

This campaign of mis-information was so successful that few people today are even aware that these changes ever happened.

Wilson and Blackett spent decades painfully piecing together the old historical records and physical evidence and now take us on a startling journey through British history and how it has been hidden and distorted.

The ancient British writing system is then traced back along the migration trail to Troy and Ancient Egypt where we discover when and why the Trojan Wars were fought and who the famous characters such as Agamemnon and Helen really were.

This history strikes at the very heart of how Britain and the British people see themselves and the reader will soon realise why so much effect continues to be put into keeping it suppressed.

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THE TROJAN WAR of 650BC (With index)

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