A whole list of new and re-printed works will be available soon via this website.

The focus is on  following the British-Cymric people from their high-point in the 7th Century AD right back their early migrations from the middle-east and Europe.

This evidence based journey includes

- how to read the hieroglyphics which is easy and fun once you find out that the language that they used is Cymric/Welsh rather than the one that the scholars have been struggling with for the last 200 years.

- sorting out the current muddle that plagues conventional Egyptian dating and putting all the dynasties back into their order 

- the resting place of Alexander the Great and his close friends and family are revealed

- Biblical stories such as the Exodus and the characters contained within them are confirmed in the hieroglyphics and their true stories revealed and explained

- what happened to the Holy family after the Crucifixion is revealed along with the final resting places of these people

- the birth of Christianity in Britain and how the message was taken from there to Rome and the problems this has caused for British people and history ever since

- the early "apostolic" British Christianity is explained along with the sites that can still be visited

- All this culminates in the exploration of early British history from the founding dynasties and the first Arthur who invaded France through to the second and more famous Arthur that fought the various invaders of the 6th Century

Massive subjects with stacks of written and physical evidence will be presented across a range of books.

A lot of this information stems from the works of Wilson and Blackett and their books will also be made available for purchase.  Keep watching this space!!

Heddwch (peace) 

In the meantime why not join our Facebook group - www.facebook.com/groups/britainshiddenhistory where there is lots of information and lively discussions.  We also sometimes have group visits to the places of interest which you could join.

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