Arthur The War King 

Wilson and Blackett present historical in the form of a gripping and exciting novel of the campaigns of King Arthur II of Glamorgan and Gwent.  The book is still packed with historical references and traceable events.

Follow the historical King Arthur II as he takes command of the British forces from his injured father Meurig and gathers a mighty force to march north and free the Northern (Scottish) parts of the British Kingdom from the recent invaders.  Graphic accounts are given of the forces involved, the leaders and the military tactics with accompanying maps.  The 12 great battles of Arthur that have been known about since they were first recorded in the Bruts and historical accounts of the time are finally explained and put into a context.

The authors show a keen appreciation of the military and geographic factors that would have led to the battles taking place where they did and against who they did.

This is all woven into a novel that brings the events to life with a cast of characters and events tied in to the known events of the period.

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Wilson & Blackett - ARTHUR THE WAR KING

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