Arthur King Of Glamorgan and Gwent

Beautiful hard-back book bound in faux-leather.

320 large pages crammed with informative and provocative text, 8 maps, 15 photographs and 8 diagrams.

The book focuses on the written evidence about the historical King Arthurs and in particular King Arthur II of Glamorgan and Gwent.

Discover the historical sources and details of the life of this great British King who's amazing life was appropriated to create a world of myth and legend away from his own South Wales.

The book also details the historical characters behind the knights of the Round Table and  where the real locations are of the events that became legends.  The Glastonbury claims to Arthur are also debunked and the links with Britanny and France explained.

These are the last few copies of the first edition -  this could be the last chance to buy what is a collector's masterpiece and seminal historical source.

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