Wales History in Bondage - DVD FOR SALE NOW!

Suppose there were records indicating your country had a rich and important history dating back some three thousand years, and the traditional scholars failed to recognize, or even worse, completely ignored those records. Suppose also that the most famous king in the world, your country's most famous native son, is described by scholars as "probably a myth" or, at best, "a legend based on some minor Roman soldier." Such is the case with Wales.

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, Welsh historians, have spent nearly fifty years researching their country's historic records and documenting their shocking findings. Their discoveries prove that not only did King Arthur exist but he and his brother, Prince Madoc, with a fleet of seven hundred ships sailed west from Milford Haven to a place called Annwn, "that which is beyond," or "the other world." Annwn was probably the same place the Spanish called "the New World." Wales History in Bondage is a definitive documentary that focuses on Wales' covered-up history. Filmed on location, the video provides an astounding uncovering of Wales - the only indigenous culture in Europe that had a written literature during the sixth century. If you're of Welsh descent or if you just want to find out more about the Welsh story and their very real King of the Round Table, Wales History in Bondage is a documentary you'll want to seriously consider.

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Wales History in Bondage - DVD FOR SALE NOW!

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